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Air Conditioning Services

Having a properly functioning air conditioning system is something that every business or homeowner here in Eastern Texas can agree with. When the air conditioning system is not operating at peak efficiency, either due to the actual A/C unit being outdated or the thermostat being faulty, it's a nightmare for even the most patient of property owners. Which is why we here at Indoor Weather Services are so successful as your local "one-stop shop" for all things HVAC related, including residential & commercial A/C repairs, replacements, installations, upgrades, and inspections.

A/C Unit
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Heating & Furnace Services

Avoid the frustration that's commonly associated with having your home or office's furnace or heating system breakdown or running poorly and contact our seasoned HVAC pros here at Indoor Weather Services. Experienced, proven, and punctual - those are the three things that first come to mind when our commercial and residential clients here in Walker County, Texas think about when they recommend our furnace and heating services. These professional heating services typically include heating unit & furnace replacements, upgrades, repairs, heating/furnace installations & inspections, and heating maintenance.

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Heat Pump Services

Expanding on our already extensive furnace and heating coverage is our noteworthy heat pump services we offer our commercial and residential clientele in or around the Huntsville, TX area is our comprehensive Geothermal heat pump services! Ranging from troubleshooting & tune-ups to full-blown maintenance and overhaul services, our heat pump services are second to none in terms of quality, courtesy, and affordability.

Furthermore, many of our residential and commercial clients have taken advantage of our timely emergency heat pump services in the past as well. If your property's heat pump has pumped its last bit of heated air and needs professional HVAC attention, please do not hesitate to call our staff at Indoor Weather Services to dispatch our emergency heat pump services as soon as possible!

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Indoor Air Quality

Factoring the diverse plant life and subsequent pollen that our commercial and residential properties here in Eastern Texas "enjoy" each year, having the air quality of your home or office being properly treated is absolutely essential. With that in mind, our experienced air treatment specialists here at Indoor Weather Services are highly knowledgeable in modern and effective methods of ensuring your property's air is clean, clear, and purified! We incorporate and utilize only proven and choice products for our indoor air quality services, such as Honeywell's top-notch Media Filter & corresponding systems.

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Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration, by and large, is a very complex industry that requires a vast amount of hands-on experience, ongoing education, and a commitment to quality, efficient machinery. Having said that, our in-house commercial HVAC technicians here at Indoor Weather Services are without peer in terms of commercial HVAC experience regarding installations, repairs, replacements, inspections, upgrades, and commercial unit services.

Walk-in freezers/coolers, reach-in coolers/freezers, and merchandising units notwithstanding - our skillful commercial HVAC technicians possess vast experience in servicing a wide variety of commercial refrigeration units and their subsequent problems.

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Ice Makers & Machines

Common problems with your ice maker or ice machine can be quickly and efficiently alleviated with our world-class ice machine and ice maker services, including ice machine repairs, ice maker replacements, ice machine/maker installations, and ice machine & maker inspections! If your property's ice machine and/or ice maker has seized up, stopped distributing/dispensing ice cubes, or is otherwise not functioning optimally, we strongly encourage you to enlist the HVAC expertise our in-house HVAC techs here at Indoor Weather Services are renowned for!

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